Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011

It´s hard enough to even fake a smile, Disillusion? - I´m in denial!

Sum 41- Moron
"Happy" weekend to you all (my weekend pretty much rocked, save for right now)
I'm unreasonably pissed off at things that don't even register as problems, and you guys get to deal with it. But first: Heres a long-awaited shout to my two friends Kit Tizzy Bombtastic and Nodjkqr, whomofwhich both have blogs, but for some reason these blogs arent as popular as mine, even though they are way better written!
But anyway, on with this shit.

Yeah, I dont really know what to call this feeling properly, but 'disgruntled' fits too well. Im angry at my facebook feed, Im angry at school, im angry at my friends, im angry at minecraft, skyrim, my brother, my dog, and the fucking pizza place. but I have no reason to be. My facebook feed can be closed, the only person that can make school less shitty is me, my friends did nothing wrong, minecraft is really fun, even moreso when you run it, skyrim can be left alone, my brother has his own life to live, my dog will bark, and its not my fault that the people who work at the pizza place cant drive yet. So what the fuck?
Why am I so unsettled?

I need to get into an old fashioned fistfight with someone, methinks...

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Happy Saturday, everyone. Wow. I crawl from the shadowy depths of my well-lit basement for one second, and the entire world is in uproar about how broke they are, and now they’re being all homeless on purpose, occupying the streets, bitching about this “1%”. Me, having little to no knowledge about whats going on, am deciding to share my opinions about it because I have a small audience and an internet connection. Here I go. (BE WARNED: THIS ENTIRE POST WILL BE THE PRODUCT OF NOTHING BUT MY OWN IGNORANCE. I HAVE DONE ABSOLUTELY NO RESEARCH. DONT QUOTE ME OR USE ME AS A SOURCE FOR ANYTHING. YOU WILL FAIL WHATEVER PROJECT YOUD BE USING ME FOR AND YOUR TEACHER WOULD HATE US BOTH IF THEY DONT HATE ME ALREADY.)

So, here’s what I see happening. There's a metric fucktonne of people. Everywhere. And they all live in countries. These countries have governments, and these governments need lots of money from the people that live in these countries. And
then something happened in like, 2007, and the entire world suddenly didn’t have money. Greece flipped the fuck out, and now they’re in a complete state of anarchy, but everyone’s content with just stowing that under the rug for now. And then in 2009-2010, North America had some money, but that didn’t last long for some reason, and now we have another worldwide economic fuckpile. There were some vicious riots in London, but they’re always mad about something or other, be it that university is too expensive, or FUCK THE ECONOMY,(they’re the birthplace of punk rock, so what do we expect) or something but I digress... Anyway, so one thing led to another, and now some schmucks in America found out that there’s 1% of the American population that doesn’t pay taxes because they’re super crazy rich or something. That made America very mad. And the rest of the world apparantly, So a bunch of people went to wall street, and started peacefully protesting. The rest of the world slowly followed suit, occupying their own streets, in cities worldwide, and now the European Union (Europe’s trading bloc, thank-you social 10-1) is deteriorating because Europe’s run out of money AND THEN CALGARY DID IT TO. WHY? WE HAVEN'T HAD AN ORIGINAL IDEA SINCE CHALLENGER FUCKING BLEW UP THATS WHY. So I don’t know why the entire worlds protesting, but I like to think they’re trying to send the fat cats in wall street a message that theyre fucking dump and should disperse taxes among all 100% of the population, so that the US can have more money, resume trading, and everyone sle can have money, too. But I don’t know. That’s wishful thinking. Also, memebase has tried to talk about it a lot. Writing things in sharpie about how theyre the 1% of something or other. Heres what I have to say (Aside from all that hogshit up there^):

The protests are going to do no good if you're protesting by any means that follow the rules. The reason there are laws about protesting are to keep it as ineffective as possible. If you're not willing to die for a cause, you're not willing to fight for it at all.
This message I taped to my door is a response to how fucking stupid I think the Occupy protests are and the 0% shows my abhorring indifference to the entire concept.
My dad saw it and took a picture to show people at work, and he thought it was me saying that I wasn't gonna clean my room. I didn't even think my room was messy. the people he showed did at least side with me, somehow. Oh well, I cleaned my room up a little anyway because that wasn't the point.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


reading my stats is really funny sometimes.
I fucking love you, internet.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

VIC LEWIS 2012! ^o^

Wha-ho! Hey everyone, It's been awhile! There have been many reasons for this, but I don’t wanna talk about it right now, these last few weeks were too interesting. What I wanna talk about most though is last weekend, which I spent in Canmore at (yup, you guessed it) THE VIC LEWIS FESTIVAL! I already made a post about this, though I didn’t explain much! Well it is a yearly thing, happens every November, and its a thing where a few bands from Calgary get together and... Ignore each-other! Yeah! Anyway, this was a weekend, so lemme break it down for ya like this:

Friday was a normal school day for us (considering fridays end at like noon this isnt that big a deal) so this shit just flew by. I had a math quiz that I bombed because seriously if I gave less of a fuck id be taking one.

So anyway, school overed, but apparently the roads were really bad on the way to Canmore so we almost didn’t go, but HEY WE DID ANYWAY because FUCK YOU, NATURE. So we all packed our shit up, drove on a big ass bus to Canmore, unpacked, and not a lot happened that night, except for a big ol game of apples to apples where we actually managed to run out of green cards somehow. Yup. (Helen Keller and Adolf Hitler remain the greatest cards, By the Way)

the night was long and kind of cumbersome, the people in my room were kind of dicks, but more on that later...


The day started way too early, and with nothing to sustain me but the shitty hotel coffee that SOMEONE drank ALL OF the night before because APPARANTLY IT HELPS THEM SLEEP, it was kind of a stressful start. Oh yeah, and we were up and out about fourty-five minutes early. Way the fuck to go, everyone -slowclap-

anyway, some other random bullshit happened, we ended up where we were supposed to go, we played our music, and quite beautifully I may add, our adjudicator loved us, ad awesominum.

Other than that, it was a pretty relaxed day of dickin' around an empty high school with nothing to do but watch happy people shove their happiness in my face. Me, being quite fed up with the circumstances, totally ditched and went and got some poutine: Proof that there is indeed some kind of god, and they’re lookin' out for me. It was greasy concession stand poutine, too. Salty, warm, and filthier than what you'd find under Louise's bed. JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT.
Anyway, on with moar Saturday talk. There was a coalition for a tim's run, then it was back to the hotel for a few quick games of Prez, and then back to the school fer the best thing ever. T3H DANCE! LOLZOMGWTFBBQTROMPZORZAGARFZZZZFFGHASDFKLAGKLRASDFZZZSHSHZSHZSBZSHZSHHHHH-*dies*- but k seriously ive never had more fun at a dance than that one. THERE WERE GLOWSTICKS, AND DEADMAU5, AND AND AND THERE WAS KIDS DOING THE MACERENA TO DUBSTEP AND AND AND IT WAS FUCKING RAD! :D Seriously, I had a fucking blast. AND THEN IT GOT RUINED. Remember how I said the people in my room were kind of dicks? Yeah I was speaking in hyperbole. They were superdicks, not even kidding. Fuck, by the end of the night I felt as helpless and unwanted as Piggy from Lord Of The Flies...



You know in Alien, when that guy had the chest burster alien in his stomach? Thats how I felt that morning. And the bacon smell didnt help. THE BACON SMELL. DIDNT FUCKING HELP.
This feeling didnt really go away for quite some time. When I was on the bus I felt like shit. When I was shambling up the steps in the school I felt like shit. When I was trying not to throw up while listening to Aberhart concert Band's set I felt like shit. Eventually I just gave up, pulled my jacket over my head and passed out for a little while. I woke up every so often, cautiously checking my phone to see when my clinic was. When it came about time I sprung to my feet and flailed down the steps through the hallway, and apparated a pair of drumsticks because I fucking could. I didnt question this burst of energy, but accepted it as retribution for the shitty morning I had. It wasnt until after lunch when I bounced back fully. But the more I obtained in vitality I lost in emotional state. I continued to get sadder and sadder, and more and more jealopus of those around me. AND THEN FLETCHER CMAE AND MADE EVERYTHING BETTER BCAUSE THAT KIDS A FUCKING CHAMP. But then I got really lonely and sad again. And then we went home, I bitched about everything, and I went to sleep, not to return to school until after lunch, because band was cancelled, and I had spare second period.


Hey children and childre-like people,

Look who the cat dragged back from the dead.

Me? Is it me? Yeah, its me. HAve I gotten over my depression? Eh, it comes and goes. But who cares?

Wanna see some new posts?

Dont answer that, I KNOW YOU DO!

Expect one tomorrow?