Sunday, April 24, 2011


Here we stand at a crossroads. Ive dipped my proverbial feet into the proverbial blog pool, and im not gonna lie, its pretty awesome.

But... Ive left a few stories unfinished. Well rather, one.

SO, in order tonot cock everything up, I feel its best that i write out a skeleton of how the blogs gonna work for the next while.

1.Concerta (reprise)
2. Vic Lewis
3. One Act Plays.
4. Thursday
5. New Dynamic

Give me some input guys.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


This may be news for some readers, but I am a sufferer of the topical Attention-Defecit-Hyperactive-Disorder. No, I'm not one of those bubbly teenagers who are all "Loike ZOMG I forgot about something? Im loike toteslulz ADHD! Awk!" (On an unrelated note: This "Awk" Thing- is that the sound you make when you choke on a penis because what the hell else could it be? But I digress-)no, I am swing-from-the-chandeliers-run-around-in-circles-with-someone-elses-socks-on-my-ears ADHD.
So bad however that I have to take medication to live up to "the man's" standards of behavioral acceptability! Not complaining though, whenever I take them for school I turn into a cold-calculating industrial academics machine. MEDICATION MAKES STRONG COMMUNIST WORKER OUT OF YOU.

Right up until i have to come home, at which point the aftermath of the side effects (Lack of appetite and insomnia, mainly) Start to hit me as I become a semi-lethargic blob of mess.

So logically, I stop taking them. This has been amazing for me socially, but academically... I'm failing math. There ya go. But my parents have been willing to help me, and since the sitting down and working method doesnt work on a fifteen-year-old, they decide to use bribery. See, my favourite band ever (and yours too, come on, admit it) NoFX is coming to play MacEwan Hall in My homewotm on june 30th.
My dad says He'll gladly pay for a ticket if I get a B in math.

Needless to say, it worked. I was stoked, and willing to do anything to make that B, and a ticket to this show a realty. I'm here to kick math and chew bubblegum. And I'm all outta gum.
Even if it means taking my pills, I would get that fucking B.

This method worked, for about an hour, you know, right up until the medicaiton kicked in. I crashed instantly, instead of the Cold-calculating industrial academics machine I usually turn into, I got a lethargic blob of math. Not even good math, either.

Friday, April 15, 2011

My Week Was boring.

Well? How can I describe this?

I had.the most mundane week ever. How is it so mundane that it sets itself apart from all of the other weeks? This week managed to be totally different while still being one of the most reduntant weeks ive ever endured. It went like this: My sleep schedule totally screwed up, and the pressure has really started in all of my classes. But what happens? Do I buckle under the pressure? No, I just get used to it. The Abnormality homogenizes into mundane insanity. So since everything was so obnoxious and inflated, the boredom magnafied. Well, Thursday was exciting but more on that later... xD

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Moonlight Knights.

Aah. No. I dont wanna talk about this. It was sooo uncomfortable.

The picture is me hiding under my anguish blanket I wish I had. But I didnt have an anguish blanket. I had a closet. So I hid in the closet. And didn't talk to anyone and hid in the closet and was really sad and anguishy.

Im kinda super glad nobody took pictures of me. I looked like a cokehead with an anxiety complex.

And then there was some time in between all of this emotional exhaustion that i had to play music. Needless to say, I was pretty shitty. All... Drumming with one hand and... forgetting the basslines...

Yeah. It was a gongshow. And it was really all on me. Sorry everybody.
Though on the upside, there was this one girl with a really pretty blue dress, but we all know that she ignored me, though she did laugh at me a few times... Hmm. Oh well, sorry for the blablabladepressingdepressingdepressing bullshit, I just need somewhere to vent and this blog seems like the place to do it.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Restaraunt lament.

Now, I don't have a whole lot of coherence or patience right now, but i figure I should try to talk about this one subject while I still have some energy left.

Okay so. You know restaurants? Good. Because if you don't this article is gonna be so confusing you're gonna be like "okay joey what the fuck are you talking about go to bed." and I'm gonna be like "Okay ill go to bed but hold on i need to write this post." and you'll just be sitting there not knowing what to do. So go learn about restaurants.

So anyway, instead of making dinner myself i decided to go to a place where i pay them to do that for me. So I went to a restaurant.
Right off the get-go i could tell that this wasn't gonna work for me. I was like standing there waiting to be seated or whatever and there was this guy with a wicked huge goiter leaving. I wanted to laugh but you know... I didn't. So anyway like five minutes later i was given the choice of sitting in a booth or you know... those holocaust chairs in the middle of the feed pavilion where the commoners feast on their slop and we get to watch or whatever okay okay so the point is i sat in the booth because the question she asked was rhetorical and we both knew it. anyway so then it was time for me to order a drink or whatever so i panicked and got lemonade. I am not sure if you guys found this out yet but restaurant lemonade is fucking disgusting but you drink it anyway because its so cold and what else are you going to drink horse spooge? Anyway about half a glass in my stomach started going on me but i didn't care because I'm tough n' shit okay? okay. So like a bajillion minutes later the waitress with the personality of a soap dish came back and i had to tell her what i was gonna order or else she was gonna like, go poof or something i don't know what waitresses do. So I panicked again and was like BUFFALO CHICKEN SANDWICH. Bad call, bad call. So anyway she was all FRIES? again with the rhetorical questions how do you even do that. Gravy? Fuck no. Get that gravy shit outta here i'm eating a hot wing burger what would i need gravy for? So... like... a lot of seconds later i lost count after the second bajillion so just cool it okay? I got my sandwich and some other shit happened and then i realized after i ate the damn thing it doesn't matter where you go to get a buffalo chicken sandwich its still just a giant piece of fried chicken slathered in satan's mucus between burger buns.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

What I Look Like

Another written post

I suppose you people are wondering who I am, what I do, why I'm here, ect. ect.

Well, As you may or may not know, I'm Joey, I'm fifteen, and I love a lot of things.

Food, drawing, women, and punk rock, maybe drugs? Iunno. Anyway, I think that this was the most informative post i ever made ever and to celebrate that im not gonna double space or use punctuation except for right now.

Dog Bokken


DOG BOKKEN (Umlauts on the vowels)

(fade in, on a desklamp, pan out to empty sewing desk)

(Rotate to blank wall, write in red substance: DOG, flash to drumset, swinging lamps, darkness, travelling light)

(Go to inverted face, black undereyes, negative expression)

(Begin to write BOKKEN on wall, flah to a bunch of random stuff)

(Flash to SAUNA, door is CLOSED, light turning ON and OFF a LOT.)

(Sound: Random junk. me hitting random junk.)

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Joey's first REAL post.

Hello internet,

I am a fifteen year old kid who feels like its probably a good idea to start a blog, you know, since I'm just so creative and innovative and i am going to change the face of modern society one day and blah blah blah, etcetera and so forth. So I figure, what better way to start than on the vast information superhighway that is the internet. Unlike MOST fifteen year old boys, I see the internet as more than just Tf2 and pornography. I see the internet as... a revolution, a new way of life, a way for humans to amplify their ability to connect and interact with people. (Well, I guess all this PLUS Tf2 and pornography, anyway) but enough of this existential crap.

This blog isn't meant to be profound, shiny and philosophical, this blog is meant to be me posting whatever the hell I want whenever the hell I feel like. The internet, though awesome and powerful as it is comes with its disadvantages. FOR EXAMPLE: It caters to EVERYONE. All styles of art EVERYWHERE. You have a song you recorded? Theres several sites and places you can put it. Same goes for drawings, photos and video. Me being the creative scamp that I am, have these things placed in all corners of the internet, but people aren't gonna see all this junk if I have it all... scuttlebutt like this. So, I guess this blog is my... Filing cabinet... plus a scrapbook, aaaand maybe a... whatever you call it when you talk about things you did on the internet...
Aah, it'll come to me...