Saturday, June 18, 2011


Thursday. The week i am of course tlaking about is the first week this blog went live. remember waaay back when i was talkin about my boring-ass week and you were all WELL WHAT HAPPENED THURSDAY HE DUR HE DUR? Well, sit down, get your balls outta the toaster and I'll tell you. See, way back in the day (I'm talkin like march here, woah) there was this talent show at my school. Rather than taking to the idea i absconded immediatley.
I did watch though, my friends kinda made me. and the first day? Not too bad.
Then Wednesday happened. I was sittin there, eatin the sammiches my mom packed me (my moms a rad lady, deal with it)
And out came
SO. After that mess, I thought id show these kidlets some REAL talent. I went home, practised ALL night, and then The day finally came.
Now I dont remember much, but i do remember at some point bein like
Now heres where my imagination took over for a little bit. There WAS a girl there, and we DID talk, but i cant really fathom realistically it going down like this:

But okay okay anyway I played. and it was beautiful.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Vic Lewis.

Whoop, finally back on schedule. Okay. this is a post about something that happened aaaaaaaaall the way back in November. Right.So, bak in November, my school sent all the band kids up to canmore for a weekend for the Vic Lewis Get out of Studying and Dick around an Empty School for Awhile Festival. Yeeup. And, as per usual, I dont remember a whole lot. I remember it being in Canmore,

I remember getting in a fight with some girl (Ive been regretting it always)
Oh! I remember absolutely shredding on the drums.
I remember football.
I remember the rave. It was called 'a dance' but no. it was a rave. there were drugs. and lights. and bass. lots of bass. some kid almost OD'd on Ecstacy. Yeah. THATS JUST MOUNTAIN TOWN LIFE, G

OOH! and Ben tried to do parkour on a wet halfpipe, and he broke his arm. Way to be, bro.
I remember going grocery shopping
I remember the bitchin bus that took us all over town
And I remember my bigass bass that I had to haul around everywhere. THIRTY POUNDS OF USELESSNESS! YEAH!
oh yeah, and there was this chick who was a complete total bitchface, and my freind (we'll call him Pancake) 'accidentaly' impaled her with his guitar case. It made the trip.

Friday, June 10, 2011


roughly 365 days ago, Me and a few of my freinds cobbled this mindfuck together. Enjoy it.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011