Sunday, May 15, 2011

Concerta (Reprise)

Well... I.. I dont even know where to start here. A lot haAlign Lefts happened and only now am I deciphering it into a way I can understand.
First thing's first. Math. How did I do? Well, I tried my hardest to study, but the material just made no fucking sense. I rolled out with a fifty seven per cent average, meh, I'm still passing.
Now I know what's on all of your minds: Joey, did your meds aid you in any way?
To be honest, I've been wondering the same thing.
My only real answer is Who the hell cares? This issue has been beaten to death for me, and honestly I could care less. ALTHOUGH there was one time I took too much of my medication on the day of a performance and I forgot what was happening so I sat down in the middle of the stage, but more on that later.
The questions have been building up in my mind like a shit brick house around my brain. The most prevalent one being a product of these current events all leading up to one conclusion: I am growing out if my ADHD. Does this mean I dont need my medication anymore? Could this mean... No... It cant be...

This feels so odd, like a chapter of my life, my drug-ridden childhood, is quickly drawing to an abrupt close...

...Wait a minute...
This is the internet. Who the hell cares?


  1. ALSO. Your drawing style is getting pretty awesome. Good jobs

  2. I agree with NODJKQR =)
    Your drawings are looking great =D