Thursday, September 15, 2011

Macbeth Act One Scenes 1-3


Yup, blowin the dust offa this olld blog.

Oh man. The first scene. So we got three witches in a storm, talkin about meeting again when this awful brutal battle is over. ITs not gonna last too long.

Scene two is dumb. More on that later.
we got some scottish bros talking about a revolt or something. Not a big deal.
Theyre talkin about Macbeth or something. I mean, who is this brouchebag? Oh apparantly hes sone totally badass dude who fucked the Norwegians shit like it was going out of style. This bro was pretty brutal. Carvin up Norwegians, man this is some heavy Black Metal shit up in here. And then MacDouagh. This dude got FUCKED UP. This dude tried to be all turncoat n shit but Macbeth went all God Emperor on his ass. DEATH TO THE HERETIC! So MacBeth totally was OWNING. and then the Viking King of Norway, Lord Fuckwrecker, unleashed an army of viking Beserkers. with storm bolters. This was all told by a soldier. Hes bleedin. OMG im gonna doodle this out. its gonna be sick.