Sunday, December 30, 2012

Why Is it so important to me

To let you know that my WTF behaviour is not an effort to look creative or abstractly delightful, or even charmingly befuddled?

Its just cause thats who I am.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Whats going on!?

And why do I love it so much?!


Tuesday, December 25, 2012


You don't feel stircraziness when you're listening to good music.
Its when the music goes off, and you're left in your own thoughts. that's when it really settles.

Monday, December 24, 2012




Now this album was written by a guy with a cool jacket named Jeff Mangum this guy read a book written by some Anne Frank and he fell in love with her and this albums about that. This albums also all kinds of fucked up and anyone who has not only heard it but has heard it to the point tha tI have has probably cried before while listening to it.


This next albums by my favourite band ever NoFX Its calllled wolves in wolves clothing okay.

This is awesome because it has words in it that I fucking understand and the bass is like DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD what. oh yeah the drums are like _^__^_^__^_^__^_^__^_^__^_^__^_^__^_^__^_^__^_^__^_^__^_^__^_^__^_^__^ AND SEEING DOUBLE AT THE TRIPPLE ROCK IS MY FAVOURITE SONG RIGHT NOW EVERY SO OFTEN ALRIGHT?! IS IT?!



dude this album rocks and It taught me how to dance and I got thin and it was AWESOME




No, I havent listened to it fuck you.



This album is very sad.

Very VERY sad.





Never heard one quite like this. Makes you think real hard. You learn lots about yourself. About Johnny. About how shit life can get just outside your back door. WHAT?!


Nobody loves this more than you.

Word is infinitely better than open office. Open office is shit. Its just shitty shit shit shiiiiiiit. The guy recomputering our computer put open office on here because it was free, then he proceeded to load our hard drive with a bunch of torrented movies and such. You couldn’t have just torrented Microsoft office? I had to. When we got our computer back I am pretty sure it was the first thing I did. Computers at school don’t like open office. Computers at my school were actually well equipped with Microsoft word. They inly opened Microsoft word files. If you tired to open an open office file at school it wouldn’t work. Because even the school knows how shit open office is. The computer guy also installed a plethora of Helvetica typefaces, which I love. There are just so many. Helvetica is like Arial, if Arial grew the fuck up, got a job, raised a family, immigrated to America, and flourished. Helvetica is the fat wealthy Jew of the typeface world.
Running the font industry, just like The Weinstein’s run the entertainment industry. I know that’s a sentence fragment, Microsoft word. And I am glad you did, too. I am free to think what I wish about anything. Everybody knows that apple makes the best handheld devices, they were perfectly right in their movement to sue Samsung over making a better device than theirs. When I graduate from high school, I am going to go to university after. If I don’t go to high school anymore starting now, I may as well just shrivel up and die, because drop outs are basically sub human. I am free to think whatever I like about anything. Hardworking musicians like Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne are perfectly deserving of their massive fanbase, and the salary that goes with it, while I struggle to make enough change for a warm drink and a bus ride back to my parent’s house on the street corner with a guitar that has seen better days. I’ll tell you, cold fingers make barre chords on a 100-year-old classical guitar an adventure. No one likes to listen to you when you’re cold. They think you try too hard. Too hard to garner their pity and negative emotions, while across the street I see a homeless man down a bottle of discount no name brand mouthwash. This world makes me feel quite ill, and to be honest, I am quite fed up with the answer to the illness. Medication, a means of pretending to solve a problem, instead of working it out for yourself, you ask a doctor to give you a bottle of pills that will take care of it for you. Oh, I’m sorry. I feel like I’m offending you. Am I offending you? I am truly sorry. Very sorry sir, madam. Oh you don’t like to be called Madam? Yes, I understand. Yes I know my privilege is showing. Its shining bright through my pale skin, my comprehension of the English language, my beat up coat and my old sneakers which I used to feel every rock I walked on through, until I stopped feeling with my feet. Until I stopped feeling at all. It shows through what I was born with between my legs, and my comprehension of what that means. I am free to think whatever I like about anything. I am supposed to look up to the ones who step over me to get to where they feel they belong, because they are too afraid to be down here with me. I am supposed to want to be like them, the ones who demand respect but have never learned what it truly means to give it. It doesn’t matter, respect is bullshit anyway. And self-improvement is just masturbation. I am free to think whatever I like about anything. No, don’t read this. Read something else instead. If you read this, and people know you read it that means you have bad taste. Here, read this instead, this was written by a guy with a name. That means its good. The name means its good. Names make things good. In death, you find yourself. You find a name. Names make things good. Good. Its all good, don’t worry about it, no don’t worry about it its all good. Good and gracious, safety. Safety. Safe. It’s a bubble. A cardboard box in a heated basement. Sometimes the media likes to pop and invade that bubble, but they cant really do that. when you don’t pay attention to them. You don’t pay attention to anything. Do you even remember why you started talking? Do you even remember what you were talking about? No, you don’t. You don’t remember. Typical. Typical typical typical. Youre so much different thatn everyone else, good for you, that’s why no one will talk to yu. Because you try too hard, to garner their dislikes. I am free to think whatever I like about anything. I am free to think whatever I like about anything I am free to think whatever I like about anything. I am free to think whatever I like about anything. I can’t remember what I like. I can’t remember things. I cant remember anything. This makes me feel ill. Ferris, I’m starting to feel sick, can we leave soon? Ferris is in my head. Its all in my head. My dad doesn’t own a Ferrari. I never drove it, neither did he. Ha-ha, I was right. He never drives it. He cant. He never had one to begin with. I was right. I was right. Right. I was… I was right… Why was I right? How come? How come it matters? Why does It matter? Why am I right? Why am I never wrong… Why is it that I’m never wrong. About anything. I’m never wrong. No, I’m not happy, but at least I’m not wrong. Yeah, you’re right. Om not wrong. Thankyou. Thank you for validating that for me. I feel like weve really made some strides today. Thankyou, doctor. Thank you. I’ll get this to the pharmacy right away. This is covered by my health plan. I got it from work, they cover it. They planned this for me, this is all part of the plan. I like this plan. This plan is working for me, I like being a part of this plan. I am all part of the plan. The plan… I like it.

I am free to think whatever I like about anything.


I can’t remember anything.

Do you even remember why I won’t talk to you?

No one talks to me…

I am alone.

I am nobody.

Nobody talked to me in the first place

Nobody was there at the very start

Nobody is always there
Nobody believes in me
Nobody trusts me
And I trust Nobody right back
Matthew Beckett.
Matthew Beckett.
Nobody will read this.
Nobody will tell me what to improve upon.
Nobody’s gonna enjoy reading this.
I wrote this for nobody.
Nobody likes it when I write things for them
Nobody appreciates it when I do the things I enjoy in an effort to make them happy.

Nobody wants to see me progress and have talent.

Nobody likes me.

Nobody loves me.
Nobody cares about me.

Nobody holds me tight and tells me its gonna be okay, and theyre right.
Nobody’s right.

I am nobody. I am right.

I’m never wrong.

I like never being wrong.
I think I like nobody.
I think I love nobody.
I’d like to marry nobody one day.
Have a few children
Use those children as an extent of my wasted existence, force my beliefs and values upon them, so they grow up to be just like me, just like nobody.

In losing all you have, you realize that you have absolutely everything to gain back. You have a lot to prove, with nothing to lose. You are truly free. Free to think about what you’ve done. Free to think about all you have left to go. All that distance. Whose gonna help you get there? You’re gonna have to do it on your own. No one helps you walk up the stairs, until you fall down a couple of times. You really should just ask for help next time. I know, I know you could do this all by yourself before, but until you can do it again, I’m gonna help you, okay? Okay?
I’m gonna help you.
I will help you.
I want to help you.
I want you to be happy.
I want to see you progress and have talent.
I want you to be okay.
I want you to be happy.
I want you to walk over me to get to where I think you belong.
I want to look up to you
Ive always looked up to you.
Things are gonna be alright.
Things are gonna move as they were naturally.
You’re gonna be okay.
I love you, Nobody.

I know, you don’t love me back.
Because I don’t care about you.
I don’t know how to care about you.
The last time I cared about you, I was trying too hard. And you took advantage of that.

Nobody likes to take advantage of me.
I’m easily taken advantage of.
You wear your talents on your sleeve, with nothing to prove, because you want everybody to see that you have proved everything before.
Everybody doesn’t know where you started.

Only Nobody does.


There are so many references, this might as well be an original.

Friday, December 21, 2012

I just realized.

This is MY space, and I can post WHATEVER I want here.

So I'm just gonna fuck around for a while, throw some gifs I found on 4chan that I think are funny up here, just sorta have fn, actually take some time to learn how to use this new format I got scared of for a while. WAIT WHO AM I TALKING TO NO ONE READS THIS HAHAHAH

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hello. hEllo. heLlo. helLo. hellO.

I've missed you.

Things kind of fell apart back there. Completely my fault. I wasn't being careful.

But don't worry.

I'll be posting better from now on.

Sunday, April 29, 2012



Okay so I go sleep right? And then like, I'm at school, and were planning this big event. Where people are gonna take rockets into space and then make pizza. In the rockets. In space. Space pizza. Anyway, so I tell my parents about it and then theyre all reluctant to go and I don’t know why. But they go anyway. And I'm supposed to be there at seven, but I got to the weird pizza place early. And the door had like, a voice thing on it and it was locked and Mr. Brown was working the door and I sadi my name and the said like “come in” so we did and then there were like, a SLEW, just a SLEW of band kids. Kaymaybe there weren’t that many, I just remember Nick G and Dylan. Also Ben who was in my group. But before we knew it seven happened and then we had to go fly our rockets but we didn’t because there was like, a bag full of many kinds of licorice. So I’m all oh shit, lets get our rocket going, Ben! And he doesn’t see the point in it so I'm all alone in putting all the pizza stuff in the rocket but then I don’t know when to start it, so then I try to go get Ben and he says this exactly “Lets go really fast and never catch up” and I think this is the funniest thing ever and then he tells me how to get into space and now this is the point in which my dream JUMPS. THE SHARK. So I figure out how to get into space, and then RANDOM FUCKING PEOPLE START TO BUILD ROCKETS OUT OF THOSE WEIRD STRAW/CONNECTOR THINGS I REMEMBER SO FONDLY FROM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL AND GO TO SPACE WITH THEM. I of course saw this as normal in my dream. Then people start building rockets out of like, anything? Even stuff that doesnt exist. Like whatever the grinch would be made of. And then I dont remember anything else in my dream, I think there was dancing at the end. I kinda had to force myself to wake up from that. But anyway thats my dream. THE BEST DREAM IVE EVER HAD. LIKE, I DONT THINK IT MEANS ANYTHING, BUT MAYBE IT MEANS I WAS BORED!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Oh no, I actually care.

...Guys. This is super sad and super shitty.

One of my favourite animators, Edd Gould, has lost his battle with cancer at the age of 24.

I had just found this out today, and it feels like whatever support in my middle is wobbling.

My heart goes out to Tom, Matt, Tord, and Edd's family and friends, because what they are going through right now must be unthinkable and gutwrenchingly awful

Rest In Peace, good buddy.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It Sucks.

When people you never really acknowledge or appreciate go to Europe, and then you miss them, and it sucks, because there you are staring at the ceiling and having no explanations as to why.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Not much is going on guys.

Winds From THe South was interesting.

I'll most certainly be talking about that.

Friday, March 16, 2012

House is pretty good OH WAIT

No, not the show dear GOD not the show.

The genre, man.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

On owning the means of production and fuck not studying.

I got a busy friday, guys.

Social quiz, Drama performance, Bio unit test, then... more film projects?

So I gotta study n own the means of production, being myself.



Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Wow, I never realized just how other people can totally fucking ruin everything you hold dear.

I dont even like Drama anymore.

It used to be fun, but then the 30's take it way too seriously and totally make it not fun.

that and our 30's annoy me. Like seriously, stop fucking singing.

Also its wedensday. slippers. Fuck.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Yeah, sundays dont really work for me...

...Lets try doing an update every day? Even if its like, just a doodle? And maybe Sundays will be like, a special long ass story post or something.

Iunno, nor do I care, there are like 2 people that read this thing, and even then I have to remind them. So I dont care what you think, expect an update tomorrow.

Monday, February 20, 2012



Well, I suppose since I missed Last week, I should make up for it by doubling up on posts this week.

And yes, I know its Monday not Sunday, yadda yadda yadda, but listen up this shits important!

I gotta double up on stories, and that's gonna be difficult, considering the fact that I have managed to secure my life

in such a boring pattern that just talking about it makes me wanna fall asleep. My school schedule always results in Class, Theater, Class, Theater, or Theater, Class, Theater, Class. Children, I spend over three hours in the school theater a day. Thats over 12 hours a week. That's half a day, per week, gone in that room. (And this isnt even counting rehearsal for one-acts every other day after school!) This is getting a little off hand, so I better get into the meat of this first story, post, column, THING. Games Workshop.

Yeah, that one shop by the movie theater and old navy, with the big red angry dude in the window. My brother works there. Its pretty cool. And now, every Friday from about two till close, I reside there, painting models n chummin' it up with the Regulars. Whats a Regular, you ask? Well, shut your ploebian mouth and i'll tell you, you impotent prokaryotic philistine!

A "Regular" Is someone who regularly frequents and occupies the store for more than a few hours on a REGULAR basis. Pretty clever naming scheme. I know, its pretty advanced. Just try to keep up.

Anyway, the Regulars (and quite a few of the employees) kinda look at me as some sort of unsung master troll because about a couple months back, I was wicked bored. Like, Super bored. Then I had a great idea. Like, one of Those ideas. The kind of idea that makes you laugh uncontrollably for a good fifteen minutes straight. I decided it would be really funny to print out like fifteen trollfaces, and tape them all over the stripper posters on my brothers wall, and it was. I didn't hear about the reaction until later (my brother arrived home late that night and I had long since gone to bed and forgotten about the trollfaces at all), apparently I made him so livid, that he was about to burst into my room and put me in "intensive condition" we'll say. But by the time he got his senses straight, he realized he was laughing to tears. I wasn't aware I was capable of conveying such feelings in people. So anyway, because of that most of the regulars, the employees and the manager have gained some form of unequivocal respect for me. But anyway yeah, dem Regs.

Theres a few that I talk to, theres a few that talk to me, theres a few I dont know, and theres a few I'm happy I dont know. But there is two or three in particular that I see often, and they're all pretty fucking neato.

We have Brandon, who is a Brony, but like, one of those really really cool bronies who is actually a really funny and socially accustomed guy.

then there's Steve, who is a straight-up champ, who spends hours and hours on one model at a time (kinda like me except you know, he's good) and normally id be jealous but this guy is actually pretty goddamn hilarious and cool, and apparently he thinks I'm some form of diabolically clever evil genius so, meh.

Which leaves Colin, who doesnt say much, but hes pretty into what he does, so thats all fine n dandy.

AND IN GAMES WORKSHOP THEY PLAY WEIRD MUSIC THAT I GENERALLY WOULDNT LIKE, BUT I DO WHEN THEY PLAY IT THERE, FOR SOME REASON. They keep a good mix of tunes, though. Lotsa punk and show tunes, generally with he odd Linkin Park song thrown in (dear god, why) but like I say if its at the painting table, it magically sounds okay.

Now I know what you're all thinking, why. Why do I come here, why don't I come home and do... Homework, or drink profusely, or do something regular teenagers do. Why? WHY? Because A. I dont see my brother often enough, this gives me some time to catch up with him when hes not too busy and chum it up every once it a while
B.I'm finding an opportunity to do something I find enjoyment in while meeting new interesting people.
C. Fuck you, thats why.


So, the main reason I haven't been posting as routinely as I should is because of THIIIIISSSSSSS.

because of this massive clutter-clusterfuck, Ive been finding it quite difficult to get ANYTHING done.

So, at 3:30 AM I decided that enough sleeping had occurred, and that I should spend more of this high-octane nightmare fuel
on something a little more productive: Getting my fucking life back in order!

So after a solid hour of room tidying, I figure it best to pay some well-deserved attention to this ol blog, of which I had forgotten about and in that dissapointed many a person. And now, in linking you to whats been keeping me up at night, I'm finding it difficult to move out of fear. I hope you're happy, internet.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Premature mediocrity.

Hey there.

I made fingerless gloves.

Im gonna talk about them.

Why? Because nothing really exemplary happened this week. Other than school. But school is pretty boring.

Anyway. So I took a pair of those little cheap, stretchy gloves that in all actuality are pretty much useless.
Then, I cut along the top seam of each finger. Cutting the fingers straight off would result in ugly, splayed thread everywhere and useless pieces of fabric. Then, I folded the loose ends back and rolled them into weird sockets. Then I busted out the needle and thread. I stitched through each socket with a different color thread, the more fingers I went through, the better the stitching got. Last step was to add fabric paint. Why? Why not. This shit glows in the dark!
I wrote "Trendy" on the left glove, and I drew a skull on the right glove. Then I went to go see a movie with my friend and then we went to the bookstore to laugh at book titles and to put random classic literature in the erotica section. It was nothing but a good time.

Hey I found my taxi shoes. And my confused hipster slippers.

Slippers are definitely a give and take idea.

I mean, sure, you are comfortable everywhere you go, but if you gotta run to catch a train, or a bus, youre kinda screwed. With the slippers, comes the slipper mentality.

You're gonna have to slow down, regardless of if the rest of the world slows down too. But the worlds probably not oging to, but its okay, you're wearing slippers. the rest of the world isn't. You can wait, but they cant. Its unfair, but it is fair. See, its a lot of give and take. Sure, the rest of the world may be efficient in nature, but are they comfortable?

...Do they want to be?

I think I should instill Slipper Wednesday.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gumby's Stubble's first little show

Good heavens! How long has it been since I've posted here?! A few weeks now?

Gack. Anyway, I've been pretty busy for the last little while, so sit back n let me tell ya all about it!

Okay so. I've developed this kinda habit. Or rather, just a slight distaste for sleeping.

Been staying up a lot, listening to weird music, and confusing amphetamine highs for inspiration. Its been a pretty good time. (Hey, its how I got my Learner's permit!)

So anyway, after one of my sleepless coffee benders, I was told to come bother my friend at work, and thats how I found out about open mic night at the Oolong tea house.

She gave me lots of free tea and the cutest latte ever. Cause shes awesome.

Anyway, again, I let my band know about this gig, which essentialy led to the death and rebirth of my band, Gumby's Stubble. If you don't know who Gumby's Stubble is I am very dissapointed in you.

So what happened was, our first bass player couldn't make to to gigs on Thursday because of Skiing, and our original drummer just... didn't wanna drum. For some reason. I dunno, hes crazy. (Just kidding, jeez, calm down)

Luckily for me, our talent, Momo has a few really agreeable and awesome friends who played instruments (i know, right?!) Who were willing to help us out. And that's how Gumby's Stubble was, as it stands now, (subject to change) created.

So anyway, with a band formed but HOURS before the show, we put sweat and blood into throwing a setlist together using every ounce of focus we had and no I'm just kidding it was a manner of figuring out chords and lyrics not that big a deal.

So anyway, after what can best be described as a "beautiful kerfuffle" I worked my PR magic and bombarded the masses with Facebook messages and SMS propaganda (I even made a flyer, but it got taken down because Sak's Music are assholes)

But anyway, we hauled a drumset into a tea house, and played amazing music for a sleepy, hip crowd alongside many other hip and supportive musicians and that dude with the amazing beardage and the poem about Canada or something.
and to all that came and saw us play (even if it was just me at the end there) I thank you a lot, again, still.

Also, keep your eyes on this blog because now I am posting ONCE A WEEK! YES! NOW I HAVE AN ACTUAL SCHEDULE! EVERY SUNNDAAAAAYYYY!! don't forget to bookmark and +1! And tell your friends! Every time you share this on facebook, I gain an extra day of life. Pretty handy considering the deal I've made. (To post blog updates every week till I die and I can't die)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kill Your Heroes.

AWOLNATION’s “Kill your Heroes” Has struck chords deep within my being that I cannot even begin to describe. The original, genreless instrumentation and smooth-and-choppy ocean-like vocalization breathing life into such powerful lyrics complimenting everything inside itself like an everflowing complete circuit.

the song begins with a small, upbeat interval pattern, with subtle hints possibly to ELO’s Mr. Blue Sky, giving it a Morning radio alarm clock feel, upon interpretation, introducing the main message of the song: To get up off your ass and do something with your life. The sound gets bigger and more layered with different electronic patterns and a drum beat that just, kicks ass.

...And then the lyrics start. These lyrics are very very powerful and not only tell a personal story, but really provoke a larger message, totally following the whole “think global, act local” thing, while creating such a spark running through the wires of society, which will ring within the catacombs for all time. The story begins with an old man, dying, with nowhere left to go, with a feeling of unrelenting regret. And in this old man’s dying moments- he spreads a maxim, a mantra, a few words to fucking live by: “Never let your fear decide your fate.”

And then the chorus comes in, and oh dear god what a chorus that is, with a very shocking statement at the beginning, like a contemporary communist mani-fucking-festo. “I say you kill your heroes and fly.”
…WHAT?! KILL MY HEROES?! BUT I LOOK UP TO THEM- I WORSHIP THE GODDAMN GROUND THEY WALK ON WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? What the statement “Kill your heroes” actually means, to me, anyway, is to break away from the idolizing ritual and do your own thing, achieve what you want to achieve, not what the powers that be want you to. It means to become an individual, to have your own beliefs, values, goals, to follow your dreams, whatever the fuck they may be. and in believing in those beliefs, holding these values, and meeting these goals, you reach your ultimate level of success and excellence as a person. You follow those dreams till they just give up the chase, you become an inspirer, and believe me, I know a lot of you, and there are people reading this who are among the most inspiring people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, others, are among the ones that are to be inspired by these people, nothing wrong with that, you’re all fantastic some of us are leaders, others followers, but were all necessary, but I digress. “No need to worry, cause everybody will die.” This is a gimmie, life is short, you, as a person are given a lot of potential, but a small amount of time to use it, don’t let things like fear stop you from doing everything in your power to be the best fuckin you you can be, get the fuck on following those dreams, because you don’t have a lot of time to do it. “Every day we just go go, baby don’t go” Kinda talks about as a society, we are all too accustomed to letting other outside forces and fear take control, we are too scared to break the mold, too worried about falling on our faces, we let fear dictate where we go how people get stuck in this perpetual funky downward spiral, we let these things decide our fate. We forget that we can pick ourselves back up and try harder if we rally want to (and believe me, we do) Fuck that, right?! Don’t go! Dont follow! Be you, do your own thing! “Don’t you worry we love you more than you know!” this is a message to everyone, yes, being an individual, a maverick, a pioneer, being your own person, following your dreams can be very overwhelming, fear can creep up on you, but were all in this together, as individual as we are trying to be, we need to look out for eachother. We need to take that fear, and spartakick it off of a goddamn cliff. Giggle at the ghosties, Fus-Fucking-Ro-Dah that motherfucker, I don’t care what analogy you use, kill it fucking dead, knock it out of the park, kick ass like you were put on this world to do, and don’t be fuckin scared of yourself, be proud of your potential and what you now know you can become.

The second verse talks about the inevitability of death, kinda piggybacking on the second line of the chorus, we don’t have a lot of time here, we gotta make the most of it with all the ability we got. And sure, we feel kinda bad for bringing this heavy shit up, but you gotta rise above, its not a put down, it’s a pick up, a medkit, fuckin motivation, a reason to keep moving, keep doing, thinking, building, bigger, better, harder, improving improving improving. Chasing those dreams hard.

…And then that chorus and first verse come back, with that line, “Never let your fear decide your fate.” Leaving a lasting silly putty impression on me.

That line means the most out of any other in the song, really. Why? Because Ive seen both sides of that sword, man.
Ive seen people take that fear and punt it into the ocean, Ive seen people let that fear possess them. Ive seen people that got dealt with a shit hand at the beginning, and ended up becoming fucking doctors because they wanted it that bad, Ive seen people throw their lives to the corporate monster and become minimum-wage slaves, not that theres anything wrong with minimum wage, I just see it as like giving up on whatever goal you had before concerning your future, its like you got to the first stair of five thousand, and just decided to live there. You people were put here to change the fuckin world. Do it. I know youre all fantastic individuals on the inside, with bright light in their head, brains overflowing with ideas and dreams. And all I can hope is that I’m there to see what you guys create, because to be honest, I’m fucking stoked.

There was this one case, this guy, was the biggest, toughest, smartest motherfucker I knew, he had his head on straight, his bolts tightened, he knew what was up, and I looked up to him as hard as I could. But then he let the fear get to him, he got stuck in a spiral, stuck in that rut of letting fear decide his fate, he worked his ass off, he almost graduated, he had big dreams, but they got crushed by fear, its like he tripped at step 250 and hit ever stair on the way down. He lost his touch, his spark, and he got caught in the fuckin’ depressing maelstrom we call life, and It wasn’t that big a deal to me then, but looking back, it fuckin kills me, it kills me to see that potential go to waste, this guy, essentially, through thick and thin, was my hero, and it was a rarity, like watching lead turn to gold, that I be living with him for the better part of sixteen years, but when he got caught in that spiral, I was just startin highschool, shit was startin to matter, and I thought, I couldn’t end up like him. I couldn’t do that to myself, so I had to kill my hero, I had to try as hard as I could to do what I wanted me to do, and now I’m here, presenting this to you, throwing myself all out in the open for you to enjoy or detest, I don’t give a fuck either way. This speech, if it moved you or not, doesn’t matter, I got this all off my chest. You guys, if you payed attention, you know what you need to to, get out there, rise above your fear, do everything you can, fucking win at life, chase those fuckin dreams, whatever winning looks like to you, go after it, it could even be completely dominating the minimum wage cycle, and that’s condtradictory, youre a rebel, I respect that, anyway, go out, do what you do, thank you, its been a pleasure, im out.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


1. January fourth has lasted four days man.

2. Spend your cash on me

3. How one impossible thing could solve my problems (and create many many more)

4.On music and opinions of a self proclaimed hipster

5. Confessions of a teenage sociopath, part one.

See yall later, gotta study :8

Monday, January 2, 2012

Cause I can lead a nation with a microphone...

Expect me to do something with this song.

K, uuuh i got shit to do, seeya later.