Tuesday, December 2, 2014

100th post.

It has taken me like give or take three or four years to write 100 different things on this website.

This blog has been a vessel of feels all throughout my angsty years.

Like a... sea hearty wife of a terrified sailor

and throughout EVERYTHING, it has been there. In all of my love, and all of my loss, my drug addled rage and drug fueled euphoria.

Through all of the jobs ive had, and all of the music ive written, performed, tried to record, and soon to be carrying into TWO schools with me.

100 posts.


Well, 90 technically. 90 that YOU'VE seen.

But ive been busy. Beleive it or not, there are some things i write that I DONT post on here! Be them too long and contrived, too short to be substantial, not informative enough, not upbeat enough, TOO angsty, maybe too suicidal...

some ideas i do eventually bring to the forefront, though merely in retrospect.

And even now, while I sit here marking the seventh consecutive hour watching the horrific plastic snakeman version of Henry Rollins known as Mark Landsberg speak about... I dont know, sportsball? Seriously this mans uncanny valley ass face is the most horrifying fucking thing.

he looks like a Ken Doll you left on the stovetop.

In fact almost everyone on this show looks like an off-brand punk rocker....

We have meltyface Henry Rollins, jobless plumber Lars Frederiksen, and just the literal guys from Four Year Strong, sitting in a cold metal studio literally exchanging twitter handles for an hour or two what is this garbage

but anyway yeah 100 posts i am a big deal sup

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