Sunday, April 29, 2012



Okay so I go sleep right? And then like, I'm at school, and were planning this big event. Where people are gonna take rockets into space and then make pizza. In the rockets. In space. Space pizza. Anyway, so I tell my parents about it and then theyre all reluctant to go and I don’t know why. But they go anyway. And I'm supposed to be there at seven, but I got to the weird pizza place early. And the door had like, a voice thing on it and it was locked and Mr. Brown was working the door and I sadi my name and the said like “come in” so we did and then there were like, a SLEW, just a SLEW of band kids. Kaymaybe there weren’t that many, I just remember Nick G and Dylan. Also Ben who was in my group. But before we knew it seven happened and then we had to go fly our rockets but we didn’t because there was like, a bag full of many kinds of licorice. So I’m all oh shit, lets get our rocket going, Ben! And he doesn’t see the point in it so I'm all alone in putting all the pizza stuff in the rocket but then I don’t know when to start it, so then I try to go get Ben and he says this exactly “Lets go really fast and never catch up” and I think this is the funniest thing ever and then he tells me how to get into space and now this is the point in which my dream JUMPS. THE SHARK. So I figure out how to get into space, and then RANDOM FUCKING PEOPLE START TO BUILD ROCKETS OUT OF THOSE WEIRD STRAW/CONNECTOR THINGS I REMEMBER SO FONDLY FROM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL AND GO TO SPACE WITH THEM. I of course saw this as normal in my dream. Then people start building rockets out of like, anything? Even stuff that doesnt exist. Like whatever the grinch would be made of. And then I dont remember anything else in my dream, I think there was dancing at the end. I kinda had to force myself to wake up from that. But anyway thats my dream. THE BEST DREAM IVE EVER HAD. LIKE, I DONT THINK IT MEANS ANYTHING, BUT MAYBE IT MEANS I WAS BORED!